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914 Sqn ATC - Advanced Radio & Radar
[practice test 001]

1) A PPI radar display :
  1. Can display range only
  2. Has a circular trace and uses radial deflection
  3. Has a radial trace rotating in time with the radar
  4. Is used with a height-finding radar

2) In a primary radar installation, the master timing unit :
  1. Switches the timebase generaor on or off controlling transmission and reception of pulses
  2. Demodulates repetition frequency pulses to give video pulses for the CRT display
  3. Produces pulses of repetition frequency energy at the required power level, to drive the aerial
  4. Controls the firing of the transmitter and synchronises the start of the time base

3) A technique for minimising clutter in a radar system is :
  1. Reduction of aerial scanning speed
  2. Electronic countermeasures
  3. Reduced by electronic techniques
  4. Increase of the PRF

4) A disadvantage of using sound for communications is :
  1. It will not travel through a vacuum
  2. It will not travel through water
  3. It will travel through space
  4. It will not travel through air

5) One advantage of em waves is :
  1. They travel a long way for a given power
  2. They travel a short way for a given power
  3. They travel forever for a set power
  4. They travel a long way for a set power

6) What type of modulation does Morse code use?
  1. Wavelength modulation
  2. Amplitude modulation
  3. Frequency modulation
  4. Carrier shift modulation

7) What is the purpose of an aerial on a receiver?
  1. To convert the electromagnetic waves (em) into tiny voltages
  2. To convert the electromagnetic waves (em) into large voltages
  3. To convert the electromagnetic waves (em) into very large voltages
  4. To convert the electromagnetic waves (em) into a constant voltage

8) What do FM receivers use to demodulate signals?
  1. Discriminator
  2. Distractor
  3. Modulator
  4. Disputer

9) What does RADAR stand for?
  1. Ranging and direction radio
  2. Radar detection and ranging
  3. Radiation aircraft ranging
  4. Radio detection and ranging

10) A radar using doppler effect calculates the target's distance by :
  1. Measuring the time taken
  2. Measuring the shift in frequency
  3. Measuring the target's change in position
  4. Measuring the length of the return pulse

11) What does IFF stand for?
  1. Identify fighter formations
  2. Identifying foes fighters
  3. Identify friend or foe
  4. Identify friendly fighters

12) How many modes are there in IFF/SSR?
  1. 4
  2. 3
  3. 2
  4. 1

13) The receivers on an SSR system are :
  1. Single frequency
  2. Mulltiband
  3. Narrow bandwidth
  4. Wide bandwidth

14) A PPI display is :
  1. A rotary trace
  2. A radial trace in time with the target
  3. A radial trace in time with the radar
  4. A timebase trace

15) Which of these factors affect radar performance :
  1. Clatter
  2. Speed of target
  3. Frequency
  4. Clutter

16) The PAR consists of 3 distinct assembles - the azimuth antenna, radar cabin, and which other?
  1. Tilting module
  2. Elevation module
  3. Equipment module
  4. Range finder

17) Which of the following is information supplied to a pilot from ILS :
  1. Azimuth descent angle
  2. Height to touchdown
  3. Runway bearing number
  4. Azimuth approach angle

18) ILS is made up of three elements - marker beacons, glide path, and which other?
  1. Marker buoys
  2. Airfield lights
  3. Localiser
  4. Distance data

19) In an aircraft using ILS, the meter's flags are set because :
  1. The signal strength is adequate
  2. The signal strength is inadequate
  3. The pilot has not calibrated the meter
  4. The aircraft is too close to the airfield

20) An ILS system has three marker beacons; they are :
  1. Distant, near and closer
  2. Outer, middle and inner
  3. First, middle and last
  4. Outer, middle and runway

21) DRDF provides the controller with data in three forms - digital pulses, a DC voltage and which other?
  1. Combined digital pulses
  2. A sinusoidal output
  3. A sawtooth waveform
  4. An AC voltage

22) The pilot of an aircraft receives distance. bearing and which other information from TACAN?
  1. Beacon identification
  2. Azimuth
  3. Height
  4. Altitude

23) What is the name of the system that can link an ordinary telephone to an aircraft's radio?
  1. RAF FTS
  2. Uniter
  3. Mascot minicomms
  4. Boxer

24) How does UKADGE achieve its aim :
  1. By using both fixed and mobile radars to cover the UK's air space
  2. By using fixed radars only to cover the UK's air space
  3. By using mobile radars only to cover the UK's air space
  4. By using airborne radars only to cover the UK's air space

25) What does DCN stand for?
  1. Defence Communications Number
  2. Defence Command Network
  3. Direct Communications Number
  4. Defence Communications Network

Test script provided for 914 Sqn ATC by
Martin Wheeler - G5FM