Books about the Via Francigena :

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  • The Via Francigena: Canterbury to Rome
    – Part 1, Canterbury to the Great St Bernard Pass

    Alison Raju
    Cicerone Press, September 2011
    ISBN-13: 978-1-85284-487-5, £14.95
    (Part 2, covering the Italian section, is due in late 2012).
  • The Lightfoot Guides to the Via Francigena
    Paul Chinn and Babette Gallard
    Pilgrimage Publications, 3rd edition 2010.
    3 volumes :
    LightFoot Guide to the via Francigena Edition 3 - Canterbury to Besançon
    ISBN-13: 978-2917183106
    LightFoot Guide to the via Francigena Edition 3 - Besançon to Vercelli
    ISBN-13: 978-2917183113
    LightFoot Guide to the via Francigena Edition 3 - Vercelli to St Peter's Square, Rome
    ISBN-13: 978-2917183120
    - also now available in e-book format -
    (A separate volume, The Lightfoot Companion, covers the historical, cultural, and art-historical aspects of the route.)

en français

  • Jean-Yves Grégoire
    La Via Francigena. Sur la trace des pèlerins de Canterbury à Rome
    ISBN : 978-2-84182-429-8
    Rando Editions
    ISBN-13: 978-2737348815
    Le Chemin de Rome. Via Francigena
    Rando Editions
    ISBN : 978-2-84182-429-8

in italiano

  • GUIDA - VADEMECUM dal Gran San Bernardo a Roma (900km)
    plus spur road from Arles-F to Vercelli, with 42 and 19 stages.
    AIVF, July 2003, 70pp
    (The Guide-Vademecum was originally in two parts. The section from Canterbury to the border of France and Switzerland is no longer available.)
  • Guida alla Via Francigena: 900 chilometri a piedi sulle strade del pellegrinaggio verso Roma
    Monica d'Atti & Franco Cinti
    "Terra di Mezzo." (Piazza Napoli 30/6, 20146 Milano)
    ISBN: 88-8938-565-0
  • La Via Francigena : Guida per il pellegrinaggio a piedi dal Gran San Bernado a Roma
    Luciano Pisoni & Aldo Galli
    ADLE Edizioni, Padova, 2004
    ISBN: 88-8401-046-2. €12


Via Francigena: Great European Culture Route is the official magazine of the Associazione Europea delle Vie Francigene
In Italian and English; published twice yearly

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