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1: An amateur has the call sign MM3XYZ. He is
maritime mobile
an Intermediate licence holder living in Scotland
a Foundation licence holder living in Scotland
a Full licence holder living in Scotland.

2: Which one of the messages below should you NOT send?
A message to an overseas amateur of any country.
A message to an overseas amateur whose administration has not agreed to T/R 61-01.
A message relating to running a business.
A message to a large group of amateurs.

3: If a radio contact with another amateur lasts 11 minutes, then to comply with the licence the call sign must be given
when establishing contact
when establishing and breaking contact
when establishing and breaking contact and at five minute intervals
when establishing and breaking contact and at ten minute intervals.

4: Which answer best describes the locations from which an Intermediate amateur may transmit whilst on a vessel?
Inland enclosed waters.
The landward side of the low-water line.
The seaward side of the low-water line.
All waters including the high seas.

5: An amateur must keep a log
of all transmissions from the station.
of all times when the station is in use.
only when requested by a person authorised by Ofcom
of checks performed from time to time to ensure undue interference is not caused.

6: If an amateur radio station is causing any undue interference to other wireless telegraphy, the emissions shall be suppressed or reduced, to the satisfaction of the
the person complaining
the Radio Society of Great Britain
the Local Authority
Office of Communications.

7: Revocation of an amateur licence is likely to occur if
the annual fee is not paid
the amateur’s details are not updated at least once per year
the amateur’s details are not updated at least once every five years
no transmissions have been made in a two year period.

8: The Intermediate Licence permits a maximum RF output power at 136kHz of
1W erp
40W erp

9: Sending television pictures using frequency modulation requires a bandwidth of over 12MHz. The lowest frequency at which this can be done is in the bands above

10: The energy supplied to a secondary cell is stored as
a charge of electricity
electrical energy
chemical energy
joules with a potential difference.

11: If the current through the 10Ω resistor is 2A, the current through the 20Ω resistor will be

12: An inductor can store
henries in an alternating field
energy in a magnetic field
charge in an electric field
amps in a changing field.

13: An alternating current is flowing in a capacitor as shown in the diagram. The capacitor has
a reactance of 100Ω
a capacitance of 250μF
an impedance of 100Ω
a resistance of 1000Ω

14: The drawing shows an LC circuit and its frequency response. If the value of C is increased, the point ‘X’ on the frequency response graph will then to move in which direction?
Direction A
Direction B
Direction C
Direction D

15: The current flowing in the resistor will be

16: The 10V bulb in the diagram needs 100mA of current to light. A 1kΩ resistor can be used to light the bulb if connected
between points 1 and 2.
between points 1 and 4.
between points 3 and 4.
between points 5 and 6.

17: A multimeter to measure the voltage across points PQ in the diagram should be set to
0-10V DC
0-10A DC
0-10V AC
0-10A AC

18: A balanced modulator will produce
amplitude modulation with suppressed carrier
amplitude modulation with full carrier
single sideband modulation
frequency modulation.

19: A carrier wave on 50400kHz is amplitude modulated. The upper sideband is 50402kHz. The lower sideband will be

20: At which point in the block diagram should the audio frequency bandwidth be limited to enable more efficient use of the radio frequency spectrum?
point A
point B
point C
point D

21: The diagram shows an AM transmitter. The RF oscillator is running at 7·05MHz. The purpose of the low pass filter is to
remove the lower sideband frequencies
attenuate harmonics
pass the lower sideband frequencies and reject the upper sideband
remove the carrier.

22: In a superhet receiver, the bulk of the gain and selectivity is achieved in the
RF amplifier
IF amplifier
audio amplifier.

23: The intermediate frequency of a radio receiver is 600kHz. The local oscillator is running at 12MHz. The frequency of the signal received will be

24: A product detector is used to
indicate the received signal strength
produce an amplitude modulated signal
demodulate an FM transmission
demodulate an SSB transmission.

25: In a coaxial cable the field
round one conductor is the same as the field round the other
round one conductor is equal and opposite to the field round the other
exists only between the two conductors and stays inside the cable
is present round the cable for a distance of about 10 wavelengths.

26: The RF potential difference and current flowing are noted where the feeder is connected to the antenna. There two measurements will give the
characteristic impedance of the cable
feed impedance of the antenna
standing wave ratio on the feeder
gain of the antenna.

27: An antenna has a driven element and a reflector. There is probably also a
matching coil
ground plane.

28: An amateur has been recording the changes in HF propagation over several years. As well as changes summer to winter, it is noticed there is a progressive change from one summer (or winter) to the next. This is probably due to
global warming
changes in the sunspot cycle
reductions in the ozone layer
an increase in transmitter power.

29: Snow, ice and very heavy rain can attenuate which frequencies?
HF and VHF
UHF and above.

30: What will be the overall length of a half-wave dipole for the 70MHz amateur band? The velocity of radio waves may be taken as 3×108 m/s (300,000,000 m/s)

31: Which one of the items listed below is most likely to be the source of interference to other domestic appliances?
A television.
A mobile phone.
A DVD player.
A cassette recorder.

32: A transmitter can be checked for harmonics and spurious signals by using
a general coverage radio receiver
a sensitive power meter
an absorption wavemeter
a frequency counter.

33: A digital television receiver is suffering from interference from a nearby amateur FM transmission. The screen is likely to
show a wavy herringbone effect over the picture
have lots of white spots in a band across the screen
change colour markedly
freeze or break up into small squares.

34: An investigation of interference to a television has shown that the RF is getting into the TV either by the RF being picked up on the TV mains lead or by being conducted along the mains cables all the way from the transmitter. To find out which, the amateur should
fit a ferrite ring on the TV mains lead
fit a ferrite ring on the TV aerial down-lead
transmit into a dummy load
reduce the transmitter power.

35: If a neighbour complains of interference from an amateur’s transmitter, the amateur should
refuse to help and continue transmitting
apologise and only transmit when the neighbour is out
offer to help by doing some tests
send times and frequencies to the RSGB.

36: On replying to a CW CQ call the response received is ‘QRZ’. This means
someone else has already replied
a very strong signal
is the frequency clear?
who is calling me?

37: Fast scan television is not practicable in the 20m band because
it is not in the Band Plan
interference would be caused to overseas amateurs
the bandwidth at 14MHz is insufficient
the licence does not permit visual images of non-licensed people to be transmitted.

38: When calling CQ a reply is received from an amateur giving the call VK3ABC. The amateur is located in
the Netherlands

39: One feature of satellite communication is that
transmit and receive are normally 600kHz apart in frequency
the received frequency appears to drift quite widely
contact is available 24 hours a day
a sub-audible tone (CTCSS) is needed to maintain contact.

40: The main reason to use a soldering iron stand is to
keep the work area clean and tidy
minimise soldering fumes
reduce the risk of burns
reduce the risk of solder flux splashes.

41: The best reason for using hand tools in the way they were intended is to
reduce the chance of injury
prolong the life of the tool
reduce the amount of swarf or dust created
speed up the work.

42: The action that should be taken in the drawing is to
tie the ladder at the top
support the ladder underneath the person on it
come down and move the ladder
place the free foot on the wall rather than let it swing.

43: A table lamp is rated a

44: Many construction faults are caused by
wiping the flux off after the job has cooled
heating the joint rather than the solder
wet joints
dry joints.

45: What value COULD this resistor have?

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