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Please note: this site has been set up as an open-source collaborative information and webpage development area for writers, editors, authors, constructional kit designers and producers -- anyone at all wishing to contribute to the pool of training resources available to radio amateurs worldwide -- and in particular those concerned with the production of resource materials and webpage content for the UK Amateur Radio Examinations. (FAQ)
It also aims to reflect an energetic and forward-looking vision for Amateur Radio in the UK for all categories of people interested in the hobby.

BUT - please remember - these pages also serve as a practice site for any budding wiki editors among the RSGB TEC documentation community -- who may never have attempted anything like this in their life before. So please bear with any inadvertent accidents which may happen along the way!

Fundamentally, this should be seen as a website for training resource contributors written by themselves -- but if, as a reader coming from outwith the community, you have any relevant information, then please feel free to contribute your own article, or create your own page(s) and share the information with us there.

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An integral feature of this site is the Amateur Radio Glossary -- an encyclopaedic collection of terms commonly used by radio amateurs, provided by members of that community themselves. Please feel free to add to it.

And if you're seeking a website where the training resources are already available, and don't need to be entered in by anyone first, then you should have a look at EssexHam's HamTrain : https://www.essexham.co.uk/train

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