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Greek drama – 21st century style

Timeless drama unfolds in Greece — yet again, the people (yes, them), are pitted against tyrannical opposition. As ever. But this time, it’s not helmet-clad warring armies in direct conflict (well not yet anyway) — it’s the people versus the … Continue reading

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Corruption rules — OK ?

Recent events in Switzerland simply serve to underline the general malaise felt by everyone — everywhere — that those in apparent positions of “authority” — in whatever sphere of action — are irredeemably corrupt; and are therefore not to be … Continue reading

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RiP Terry Pratchett

One of the great manipulators of the English language, with a superbly creative mind, and an ability to express that creativity which equalled that of any other artist the language has ever produced. Piss-taker, punster, satirist, shrewd observer of people; … Continue reading

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Charlie Hebdo massacre

Barbaric. Mediaeval. Savagery. There is absolutely no place in Western Europe for pathetic, immature, bigoted and intolerant criminals with a mindset like this. Like the savage animals they are, they — and all who share their fanatical anti-human attitudes — … Continue reading

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Goodbye ISIS ?

Latest scurrilous gossip says that the Downton dog — Isis — is being deliberately killed off, and removed from the popular series, to avoid offending (so-called) “Islamic State” militants; who are said to be incensed that British TV might be … Continue reading

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Nick Clegg commented on TV this evening that it’s about time we scrapped the arrogant, testosterone-fuelled behaviour and way of doing business at Westminster. I couldn’t agree more. Roll on the revolution.

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What are we paying for ?

So — India has successfully launched a satellite into orbit around the planet Mars. Bully for them. Great achievement. Err….but why then are we paying them some £4bn quid per annum in overseas aid ? Surely if they can afford … Continue reading

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! ! !

Friday 19th Sept. 2014 – 5.00 am M E R D R E !

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