Unwanted telephone calls

Every day this week, without fail, I have been inundated with telephone calls from agencies purporting to represent the government, offering to make my home a greener place in which to live.
(This despite the fact that the ‘improvements’ they have on offer to me have already been carried out — in fact, were carried out some years ago.)
So, every day I am unpleasantly woken up by the incessant ringing of the telephone, knowing that the idiot on the other end is not a person, but an unwanted recorded message from the government; and my anger and resentment towards the people doing this to me grows apace.
Is the current government really so stupid as to have not yet learned that cold-calling the public is universally seen as just another attempted financial scam of some kind or another; and therefore most definitely NOT the way to win over the electorate ?

Martin Wheeler

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writer; artist; broadcaster; retired university academic
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