Indecent haste….

One week later …. and only a day to go now.

The cynical reaction from Westminster over the last week has been an education in itself as to just exactly how far politicians can be trusted to act in the public interest — and how utterly incompetent, biased, corrupt and self-interested they all really are, at heart.
And how willing they are to act in indecent haste to protect their own all-consuming self-interests, when they — belatedly — realize those interests may, in fact, be genuinely threatened. (Where they’ve been dragging their feet on matters of public interest and social justice for years now.)

It is now plain that whatever the outcome tomorrow, neither Scotland nor England will ever be the same again.
The real loser of course will be Westminster — thank God.
At last — the violent kick up the arse they have been desperately asking for since 1979.

The social tsunami for everyone in the UK has started.

Events are awaited with interest.

Martin Wheeler

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writer; artist; broadcaster; retired university academic
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