Goodbye to Paul

Judging by the very good turnout on the High Street outside St John’s Church today. Paul was well-respected and had a good many friends in town, from many different walks of life.

I went neither to the funeral service; nor to the wake. But I was there outside the church just before two when the hearse arrived; and again just before three when it left.
And so I got to say my own very personal goodbyes to a rather nice wicker coffin as it went past.

In some small strange way this made me feel I had at least been able to pay my personal respects to a man whose life impinged only very slightly on my own; but whose work now adorns many High Street shops; and which will be celebrated by a solo exhibition at the Blue Cedar Art Café Gallery in a month’s time.

Cheers, Paul.

Martin Wheeler

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writer; artist; broadcaster; retired university academic
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