RiP Terry Pratchett

One of the great manipulators of the English language, with a superbly creative mind, and an ability to express that creativity which equalled that of any other artist the language has ever produced.
Piss-taker, punster, satirist, shrewd observer of people; above all, a consummate writer who excelled at his craft, he will permanently join the ranks of those who have used their fluency with words to amuse, provoke, educate and entertain.
I only ever met him personally once; but I will always remember him as one of those people who could, in conversation, make me laugh out loud, with one of those achingly deep belly laughs that are so rarely produced by others.
A master of his art.
I will miss his writing — inseparable from the man.

Martin Wheeler

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writer; artist; broadcaster; retired university academic
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