Corruption rules — OK ?

Recent events in Switzerland simply serve to underline the general malaise felt by everyone — everywhere — that those in apparent positions of “authority” — in whatever sphere of action — are irredeemably corrupt; and are therefore not to be trusted, morally or ethically.
With anything.
They’re out for themselves; and their own profit; and to pretend otherwise is just to indulge in the realm of fairytale nonsense.

“Power corrupts: absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

And that goes for their sponsors too. Big multi-national corporations (such as Coca-Cola or Visa) I simply would not trust not to be up to their oxters in corruption, if the organizations they are sponsoring are seen to be riddled with corruption themselves.

Take careful heed, multi-nationals — the flash-point that leads to a jacquerie is never very far away in circumstances like these.

Martin Wheeler

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writer; artist; broadcaster; retired university academic
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