Greek drama – 21st century style

Timeless drama unfolds in Greece — yet again, the people (yes, them), are pitted against tyrannical opposition. As ever. But this time, it’s not helmet-clad warring armies in direct conflict (well not yet anyway) — it’s the people versus the politicians — versus the banks.
And in this triangular battle, it’s quite clear that hoi polloi are the losers. The question is : which of the two opponents they face is the worse — the politicians; or the bankers ?
Because that’s where the real battle is taking place — who really controls the state today ? It seems fairly clear to most of us that the financial organisations have everything sewn up to their own advantage, and can bend the politicians to their will, at ease — but can they ? Really ?
One trenchant decision on the part of the politicians — to ignore the banks and their greedy, self-serving demands — and the whole house of cards could come tumbling down. Collapse after collapse, domino-fashion, of those overweening financial institutions who have brought the whole world into chaos in the past decade. The ever-suffering people watching from the sidelines would rub their hands in glee.

What would Aristophanes have made of it ?
Obviously a good drama; he’d have called it “The Bankers”; and had hoi polloi as the chorus.
Wonder what the ending would have been ?

Martin Wheeler

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