The Kraken has woken (1)

Well, this is exactly what you should expect to happen when you let the Toryfilth “govern” a country.

First, they let a private individual with a personal gripe against Europe define their party policy (and hence that of the country) towards Europe.
Then, they abandon their prerogative to govern in their own name, and allow said individual to insist on a nation-wide referendum — (not even requested of them by the electorate).
Then, when they lose that referendum (because totally unprepared for it — or its possible consequences) they say : “I’m not playing this game anymore”; pick up their ball; and scuttle off to hide in a corner.

THAT is democratically elected representation of the people ?

Just what the hell sort of behaviour are these arrogant monied louts taught on the playing fields of Eton ?

Martin Wheeler

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writer; artist; broadcaster; retired university academic
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