The Kraken has woken (2)

Of course, with hindsight, it is obvious that something new and possibly dangerous to the nation was stirring in the depths when Jeremy Corbyn was so startlingly elected Leader of the Labour Party last year.

When you think about it now, it’s quite obvious that the country was entering into a new political phase. All the signs were there. But at the time, no-one took any notice of the premonitory tremors.

Now we know what was happening.
The proletariat — the deeply dis-satisfied, and utterly ignored working class — had had enough.
Enough of the imposed austerity; enough of being ignored; enough of having no say whatsoever in what happened to the country, or how it was being run. Enough of being imposed upon; enough of seeing a 1% “elite” ripping off the people, making outrageous amounts of profit for themselves, whilst the poor and increasingly impoverished bore the brunt of their selfish, self-interested activities.
And in fact, were treated like just so many cattle.

And so the jacquerie began.
We must now ask ourselves : Where will it end ?
Because if history tells us anything, it is that these immensely deep-rooted outbursts may take a long time to break to the surface; but when they do, once begun they are remarkably tenacious; and astoundingly capable of forcing previously unthinkable change.

Both the Toryfilth and the Parliamentary Labour Party should consider very, very carefully what they are now about to do.

Martin Wheeler

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writer; artist; broadcaster; retired university academic
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