Policy — or Personality ?

The chaos and confusion that David Cameron has caused by criminally walking away from his duty to lead this country as Prime Minister — simply because he can’t be arsed to do what the people have asked of him (after all, he’s an old Etonian, why should he take any notice whatsoever of what the plebs want ?), has to be experienced to be believed.

This country’s governance is now completely adrift.
Not only rudderless, but without a captain.
And to make matters worse, the arrogance of the parliamentary opposition in its self-righteous attitude that what they think, must be synonymous with what the people want, is causing political stresses and strains which are hovering perilously close to those which commonly precede the outbreak of civil unrest.

In reality, the situation boils down to a very simple fact :
What do you prefer in a leader — Policy; or Personality ?

Jeremy Corbyn has bucketloads of very clear and well-enunciated policy; but very little in the way of personality. That’s not his bag.
Borisconi has bucketloads of personality (more than enough to warrant him his own TV show) — but his policies, such as they are, leave a very great deal to be desired. And whether he actually believes in them even himself is a matter for debate.

The Facebook/Twitter generation can see through the now old-fashioned convention of being telegenic; smartly dressed; fake-suntanned; and whatever else the image-makers consider necessary for a politician to be successful. (Think Trump.)
That was yesterday’s thing. Today, what you stand for, what you offer, is far more important to the electorate than how you come over. The new-media generation has very different attitudes from those expected by the pollsters. These days they’re very media-spin savvy; and they can spot a pseud from miles off.

Unfortunately, the PLP hasn’t realised this yet. Bunch of out-of-date fuddy-duddies that they are.

Martin Wheeler

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