Time to count the cost…. ?

Today’s disgraceful kerfuffle in the British NHS should be a potent warning to anyone concerned with public-facing IT services — don’t ever allow yourself to become dependent on a single (and foreign) source of computer operating system — particularly one as nasty, commercially ruthless and uncaring as Microsoft has proven to be over the years.

Had Bill Gates and his company been Russian, or Chinese, its power-broking ability would never have been allowed to develop (it would have been quietly put to sleep one way or another) — and the means of holding a country (or a planet) to ransom would never have arisen. But presumably because it’s an American company (and therefore eminently acceptable as an example of free market economy), it has been allowed to rise to the position it now occupies. And this despite the strong warnings put out by specialists in the field over the past two decades.

So — despite the now inevitable replacement cost, is it not now time to implement the mandatory use of an open source (and free) alternative to Windows ?

Martin Wheeler

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