How Bill can sort it

This is preposterous!
First Microsoft bullies the world into spending good money on buying a well-dodgy operating system with flaws in it; then when that system is used to attack the world, accuses governments of not spending even more money to buy their latest replacement. (Which probably also has flaws in it. We jsut don’t know what they are, yet.)
If it weren’t so genuinely tragic (lives have been put at risk), the situation would be farcical.

For many years now, ever since he quit running the company, Bill Gates has been letting anyone and everyone know that he’s in the running for a Nobel prize, if only the world would recognize what he’s done to deserve it.
(So far : nothing.)

Well here’s an idea :
Why doesn’t he use all that wealth he managed to acquire by acting like the Genghis Khan of the IT sector to now set up an international institution, devoted entirely to ensuring the problem-free maintenance of the global monopoly he is responsible for creating in the computer operating system world in the first place ?
Creating and maintaining a regularly freely updated version of the software the world’s computer users are now almost mandatorily obliged to use ?
Cost-free at the point of consumption ?
And stop charging exorbitant ‘licence’ fees to all and sundry ?
(After all, he’s made enough money at that game already.)

Then he might — he just might — be able to consider himself to have benefited the world in some small measure.

Martin Wheeler

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