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Martin Wheeler

I have a professional background in academia (languages and linguistics); and no real formal training in art.

However, I was brought up in the Lake District in a family where creative expression in all its forms was actively encouraged (my mother developed a respectable career as a sculptor and potter late in life, and two of my sisters are also painters), and in fact sold my first painting in 1964 to the French Cultural Centre in Madagascar, where I was then living and working.

I then continued drawing and painting as a very occasional personal hobby, but sadly, was not to sell any further personal art works for another forty years.

In the meantime, constant involvement in academic publishing meant I was able to indulge a personal passion for typesetting and book design, eventually becoming a specialist publisher in my own name in the early 1990s. (More by accident than by design.) Having been introduced to the use of computer technology as a research tool in the late 1960s, I was able to make the transition to digital book and image production with no difficulty, and immediately began exploring the possibilities of personal expression through the creation of purely digital artwork.

Only on retirement did I really take up painting seriously again; and immediately began to merge this with the production and manipulation of images on-screen, or by using high-resolution art quality print techniques to produce new works from digital sources; some of which I had tentatively begun to sell in 2004.

My recent joint exhibition with my wife Elisabeth (art-school trained) presented works produced mainly since 2006, whilst under the tutelage of Tiana Marie, and where the lines between hand-drawn / hand-painted and digitally-manipulated are quite deliberately crossed over and blurred.

For further information, or to buy any artworks please contact the artist directly.
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