This is the holding page for an irregular series of visual offerings about the village of Glaestingburgh in the Somerset Swamps. (Referred to by the Tourist Board as the ‘Somerset Levels’. Pedestrian killjoys.)

Swampview No. 1

Swampview No. 2

Swampview No. 3

[Actually, this is because I’ve now got totally fed up of producing the original text versions of what was originally ‘Letters from Glastonbury’; so I’ve replaced them with equivalent visual comments of the kind I like best.]

[the link to The Open Guide to Glastonbury website, which was also a strong interest of mine for a while, has also now been removed from this page; as the site itself is no longer online. The entire database was deleted on 21 April 2011, after four years operation, as absolutely NIL interest was shown in it by the inhabitants of the town during that time.]

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